Yankees versus Red Socks

It is not a secret for anyone that big sport never goes without disputes and confrontations. And this is very explainable, because sport is competitive in its own way, which means that strife cannot be avoided. Some of the confrontations end as quickly as they began, some almost last forever. Some quarrels between the teams remain secret, while others become almost the main event of the year and all the newspapers and magazines speak about them.

The confrontation of these two teams, perhaps, one of the oldest and most important in the history of baseball. These clubs have been competing for more than a hundred years and it seems that this will never end. It is difficult to say whether the prerequisites were for this, but Yankees continue to compete Red Sox to this day and none of the two teams is going to give way. Remarkably, both teams have repeatedly achieved success, but their achievements were almost always equalized, so no team could get ahead for a long time.

A bit of background

There is no need to explain the difference between two completely different cities. Boston is the cradle of the American revolution, a city that can show off its views, once the former center of culture and economy of the states, the location of the most prestigious universities, the shelter of the intellectual elite and the window to Europe (in the sense that the seaport is located close to Old World). New York was an industrial and financial center, which suddenly went uphill, quickly overtaking Boston in all senses and areas, literally taking its dominant place. Since then, Boston began to lag behind New York, not only in terms of population, but also in terms of prosperity.

Thus, about a hundred years ago, New York became the heart of America, pushing the former glory of Boston to the background. As a result, New Yorkers now contemptuously revere Boston as a province and note with disgust the decline of Boston culture, the inadequacy of Boston’s nightlife, the gaiety of the Boston dialect, and the regrettable quality of Boston bagels. Well, the people of Boston, of course, did not remain in debt and began to respond with aggression.

There was a time when the concept of “sport” in the United States for the most part meant only one specific sport – baseball. Naturally, the emerging hostility between two completely different cities manifested itself during the game, and baseballs and bats were instruments of battle. In 1903, these teams for the first time were able to compete with each other. This happy and momentous event teams noted the fight right during the game.
At first, Red Sox took the position of a fairly well-known team with excellent results, while the team from New York (since 1914, the team called the Yankees) was still unknown to anyone. But the fun began when the then owner of the Boston team had to urgently look for money. The owner of the Red Sox had the idea to sell one of his players to another club. This player was the famous baby Ruth, who was eventually bought by no one else, but the Yankees club.

The sale of Babe Ruth to the New York team immediately changed the course of fate of both clubs. The Yankees began to rapidly rush to the baseball Olympus, winning almost every game. Despite all the fears, baby Ruth had an incredible talent for playing baseball, and his talent helped win four World Series and 23 more after he left the sport. Perhaps it is thanks to him that the Yankees remain the elite in baseball until today. But for the Red Sox, who became champions a year before the deal, the sale of Ruth turned into a real tragedy. The next Red Sox title was won only 86 years later, in 2004.

In 1923, the Yankees finally completed their personal stadium in the Bronx and in the same year met the Red Sox on the field, where they won 4: 1. That time, Babe Ruth performed one of the best home-runs of all time.

Then, in 1947, the Yankees were able to achieve significant status in the American League, which subsequently helped the Yankees to win their well-deserved place in the World League. But they were not saved by good results during the season, as a result, the Yankees suffered a terrible fall and two days before the end of the season left the first line in Boston. In the last two games, these teams had to play with each other. At that time, Boston only needed to try a little, but the Yankees won both times: 5: 3 and 5: 4, after which they took the World Series.

In 1978, on the 60th anniversary of the last title, Boston finally assembled a team worthy of the laurels of champions. By the middle of the championship, the Red Sox had 14 more victories than the Yankees. But then Boston team members began to lose their former strength and confidence, and by the end of the regular season, the Yankees narrowed the gap to four wins – just before the four-game series in Boston. This series of matches “striped” won with a total score of 42: 9. This event went down in history under the terrible name “Boston Massacre.” Both clubs finished the championship with the same number of victories, which according to the rules meant one extra match for the first place. In that match, one of the players, completely unknown with his attacking qualities, unexpectedly performed a home run, throwing the ball over the Green Monster – the huge wall of the Boston stadium. The front page of the newspaper Boston Globe: “Red Sox” – Fate – 4: 5 “.

Yankees vs Red Socks: today

Fans of both clubs also began to get involved in the conflict, so it was increasingly possible to meet posters with aggressive content in the stands.

The fight continues. In 2004, the Yankees compete against the Red Sox in the finals of the American League for the right to go further, higher, conquer new heights and achieve the best results. New York wins the first three games effortlessly, and the third game with a score of 19: 8. In the entire history of baseball, no team eliminated a playoff deficit in three games. The Boston Globe proclaims: “Soon it will all end, and we will spend a few more days, complaining about all our problems.” In the fourth and fifth matches, Boston wins additional matches. But in the sixth additional match, the Yankees were forced to abandon the game: during the game, the injured leg of one of the leading players began to bleed profusely. Boston won. And then in the decisive seventh game, they beat the enemy with a score of 10: 3. Boston celebrated the victory with street clashes, in which one of the fans of the club was killed. The city authorities continue to observe how the confrontation is becoming more serious, but they are not taking any action. At times it seemed that the government itself was not averse to participating in a showdown, because it was already a question not only of sports, but also of personal accounts.

Recently, the Yankees with Red Sox again “pleased” the fans with their distant from friendly relations. The history of the battle of these clubs has been stretching for more than 117 years, and the confrontation has already grown from sports into a war between baseball fans of the two cities. A new conflict arose, and this time it was not without an assault. It all started with an innocent gesture: Yankee team player Tyler Austin (accidentally or on purpose) pushed his opponent, Brock Holt. The Red Sox team immediately responded to the incident, but the issue was resolved rather quickly. Unfortunately, not for long. In the seventh inning, Tyler Austin went to fight against Joe Kelly. Home pitcher immediately made it clear that he was going to hit Austin with a ball. From the first time, Kelly could not hit an opponent, but the second attempt was more successful: the ball hit the target. Austin, enraged by this behavior, threw the bat and ran to take care of Kelly, and after a few seconds all the other players joined them. The owners of the catcher, Christian Vasquez, tried to avoid a fight, but one person could not stop the fight. In addition, the accumulated discontent and long-standing opposition contributed to the conflict. In Boston, until the end of the game, only three people were excluded.

No one can say for sure when this confrontation will end. Every day the situation is becoming more acute, and even the teams themselves can not offer further developments. One thing is certain: no one is going to give up. Fans, in turn, can only hope that the teams will still be able once to come to an agreement and put an end to the hottest and loudest confrontation in the whole history of baseball.