New York Yankees roster

New York Yankees is known to all as a team of true professionals in the field of baseball. This team is known for its repeated victories and high achievements. But few people know that the Yankees story is not as simple as it may seem. For any success there are always great difficulties and efforts of great people who, by their own efforts, achieved heights and spent their whole lives on the achievement of goals.

Long way to the top

It is difficult to say exactly when this team was founded, but all existing sources indicate that it was 1900 that was the beginning of everything. At that time, the United States had a Western baseball league led by Ben Johnson, who at some point decided to change the composition of the league, taking custody of three promising young baseball teams from cities in the east. The teams gathered together became the beginning of the American League.

But, as you know, there are always many difficulties on the road to success, therefore, the fate of the future world-famous club was also not the easiest. It was not done, of course, without hot strife. Johnson was prevented from accommodating his own club in New York by another team, the Giants, which at that time was already located in the territory of this city. In addition, the Giants owners made sure that novices could not take part in competitions of the American League. Thus, Johnson had to yield to the Giants team and temporarily place the club base in Baltimore.

But even the location did not affect the desire of the new baseball club to succeed, therefore, in 1901, having received its first coach, Orioles finally began their long and thorny path to victories. But what no one expected was that their coach, John McGraw, would be a deserter. Aware of the conflict between the Giants and Orioles, he began a so-called dual policy, helping the opposing team and advising them on matters concerning the game. But this could not continue indefinitely, so after almost a year of such behavior, John was revealed. The American League had to take control of the situation. Both teams decided to negotiate with which they would be able to reach an agreement and decide how to exist in parallel, without interfering with each other. Johnson continued to insist on his: he also demanded that the Giants not interfere with the Orioles and be given the opportunity to stay in New York. The negotiations were rather difficult, but in the end the members of the Giants team concluded that two teams could fit in one city. And even despite the fact that the owner of this club – John T. Brush – was still strongly opposed, it was decided not to hinder the placement and activities of Orioles. At that time, Orioles Club already had new owners, who immediately began building a stadium for training and matches, and soon the club moved from Baltimore to New York.

Hence the history of changes in the name of the club. The team got its second name – New York Highlanders – for two reasons. The first reason was the place of construction: Hilltop Park stadium was located in one of the highest areas of Manhattan. Well, the second reason has historical background. Since the last name of one of the new presidents of the club, Joseph Gordon, coincided with the name of the British division of Gordon Highlanders, the name New York Highlanders seemed the most appropriate.

But even at this place, this club did not last long, and again strained relations with the Giants were the cause. After the Giants Stadium burned down, the New York Highlanders temporarily let them into their territory. But this was not without controversy, therefore, as soon as the Polo Grounds was restored, Orioles left their stadium and occupied the opponents’ stadium.

But now the whole meaning of the new name of the club was lost, since the Polo Grounds was much lower than Hilltop Park. At first, the club began to be called simply New York Americans, but soon an ingenious editor of sports news magazine came to the rescue. In one of his articles, he changed the name New York American to a more concise, one that would look harmoniously in the headline – New York Yankees.

The affairs of the club gradually went uphill, and the following years, the club Yankees not only took part in competitions, but also won prizes. So, already in 1904, Yankees pitcher Jack Chesbrough set a world record for the number of victories in one season. Reaching 41 victories in one season, to this day, no one has been able to surpass.

There were hard times for the team. After almost 10 years since its foundation, the club was in dire need of funding, but the successful case turned up instantly corrected the situation. The club’s owners then decided to sell it to Jacob Rupert and Tillinghast L’Hommedieu Huston. But no one could have imagined that Rupert would soon inherit a huge fortune. That is what helped the club get out of a difficult financial situation and continue to exist. It was the generous sponsorship of Rupert that allowed the Yankees to take the lead almost instantly, and the result surprised not only the owners of the club, but the club itself.

The conflict between the Yankees and other teams, including the famous Red Socks club, is still called one of the most brutal confrontations, but even here the Yankees were able not only to resolve the issue, but also to bypass the Red Socks by achievements.

New York Yankees that made history

As part of each outstanding team of any sport there are always those players who have glorified not only their club, but also their field of activity. And the Yankees also boasts a huge number of outstanding players who entered the history of baseball. Some of them are worth highlighting.

One such outstanding player is George Herman “Babe” Ruth. Many people know the sad story of the Red Socks club, whose owners often had a bad attitude towards the players, so many were transferred to other teams. “Babe” Ruth was one such player. For quite a long time he was a member of the Red Socks, and even then gained popularity. His desire to win and the love of baseball knew no bounds: thanks to his dedication to this game, he, being an excellent pitcher, was able to win 23 wins in two seasons twice, and several times was a member of the Red Socks championship team. His home run was known to every fan and every baseball player. His desire to play and win allowed him to move from the position of the pitcher to the position of the midfielder. And this position almost immediately brought him another personal record: 29 homers for the season. But once again talking about the bad attitude of managing red socks and his scornful attitude towards the players, Ruth was sold to the New York Yankees, which in the following years gave great popularity to the Yankees. It was in the Yankees “Babe” Ruth that he managed to win seven American League titles and four World Series titles. His homer has had immense popularity not only for the Yankees club, but also for baseball, as a sport in general. Several times he broke his own record for the home races of the season, and all the games with their attendance gathered an incredible amount of spectators who wanted to see the legendary player. The 1927 has become truly exceptional in his career: not only has he beaten all his previous record, but he has also established one of the highest results in home racing: exactly 60 in one season. This was one of the most significant achievements of his career. In total, “Babe” Ruth made 714 homers, a result no one was able to beat. During his career, he received many nicknames made it clear that “Babe” Ruth was one of the best outfielders, and coronal cast could decide the outcome of any game. He became one of the first players to be included in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. His best years “Babe” Ruth gave the Yankees and gave the club an incredible reputation. After leaving the Yankees, he played a little in the Atlanta Braves, but soon decided to completely complete his career as a baseball player.

No less famous and prominent was Joseph Paul “Joe” DiMaggio, a United States baseball player. Contrary to his father’s wishes, “Joe” DiMaggio did not want to inherit his fishing job, he was attracted to the sport. And despite all the accusations, Joe trained hard in his spare time and became semi-professional when his brother Vince Di Maggio, who played for the team of SEAL in San Francisco, convinced his manager to bring Joe to the team. After some persuasion, the director agreed, and on October 1, 1932, “Joe” DiMaggio made his debut as a professional baseball player. But only two years later, he injured his leg and it seemed that this race was over. San Francisco Seals wanted to sell a contract with Joe to another club. It is not known how DiMaggio would have happened in the future if one of the New York Yankees players did not persuade club owners to buy this player, despite his injury. And the purchase was really worth it: as part of the Yankees, Joe DiMaggio was able to achieve great success. It is worth noting that wounded right at the height of the competition, but he could not only finish the season, but also get the victory of San Francisco Seals, after which he was called one of the most valuable and important players in the League for a long time.

In 1936, Joe DiMaggio officially became a member of the Yankees club. From that moment on, he started his brilliant career in the well-known team. Of the 13 seasons played, he won the championship 9 times. His contract was one of the most expensive at that time because of his professionalism and merit in baseball. A total of Joe DiMaggio completed 361 homers and 2214 hits. He became one of the five best players in the history of the Yankees club, was able to set a world record for the number of hits at the base: 56 games in a row. He also became one of the players in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Thanks to the chance of success, Joe DiMaggio not only got fame, but could also bring more than one victory to the New York Yankees club.

The next in the list, but not the last for achievements, is Henry Louis Gehrig, whose history is also full of unexpected and interesting twists and turns. He, like everyone, started from the bottom, making incredible efforts to achieve success. But, of course, not every player reached the summit only by one effort. Lou Gehrig was known for his incredible stamina during games. Lou Gehrig dedicated his entire short life and career to New York Yankees, receiving the title of one of the most valuable players in the American League. Several records in league history also belong to him. During his 17-year career, he was able to spend the greatest number of Grand Slams – 23. He received his nickname “Iron Horse” for incredible stability and endurance: he managed to play a record number of matches in a row – 2130. His striker skill remained in the history of the Yankees club and memory every true baseball fan. Unfortunately, his career could not last long due to a serious illness. At that time, many people in the United States and Canada suffered from a disease known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. At the age of 36, Lou Gehrig also fell victim to this disease. No doubt: if it were not for a serious illness, Lou Gehrig could have brought a huge number of victories not only to the New York Yankees club, but to bring many new records and achievements to the history of baseball as a whole. For great services and outstanding personality, for incredible endurance and stamina, Lou Gehrig was also listed on the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Already posthumously, he was recognized as the greatest defender of the first base for the entire existence of baseball as a sport. And closer to 2000, by a general vote of fans, he was included in the “Major League Baseball All-Century Team”. His achievements impressed the audience so much that they made a film called “The Pride of the Yankees” in his biography, which was later recognized as one of America’s most inspiring films in the last century.

Of course, this list will not be able to do without a known modernity baseball player Wade Anthony Boggs. This is one of the best American athletes, a talented baseball player (baseman), winner of several awards. Anthony is in the ranking of the coolest athletes. Wade Boggs was born on June 15, 1958 in Omaha, Nebraska. He was from an early age involved in sports. He quickly achieved success and attracted the attention of specialists. In the early eighties, Wade was already actively playing in the Minor League, honing his own skills and gradually becoming a true professional. Since 1983, the athlete has demonstrated excellent game and managed to win several significant titles. Soon, Wade Boggs became a member of the Higher League. In 1992, Boggs left the team of the Boston Red Sox, who played for a long time. Later, the athlete was faced with a choice: play in the Los Angeles Dodgers or in the New York Yankees. Wade chose the second team. Soon the baseball player was awarded the Gold Glove Awards. In 1996, Boggs helped the New York Yankees win the title of global importance and subsequently win a certain number of victories.

In the last two seasons of Boggs’ professional career, an athlete has played on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays team. In 1999, the year in which Wade Boggs suffered a serious knee injury and left the sport. The sports results of an American baseball player were appreciated: in 2004, his name was presented in the Hall of Fame.

At all times, Wade Boggs has been under the scrutiny of the press and baseball fans. The latter knew not only about the excellent game of the athlete, but also about his preferences, preferences, habits. He was often called the “male chicken” – because before every game a superstitious baseball player would eat chicken in the order he needed, considering this process to be a success. Wade Boggs has repeatedly appeared in various media, including – on television. At one time, a baseball player flashed in the popular project Cheers (in his sixth season of The Bar Wars), where he played himself. Also, a baseball player has appeared on The Simpsons. Wade was the main character in the collection of rare recordings of the popular musical group Sebadoh, who released the album Wade Through the Boggs in support of the 2007 tour.

And finally, the last player who should be included in this list, the youngest of them – Aaron Judge. Already at a young age, Aaron Judge set a goal to become one of the best baseball players in history, and every day he is more confident in his goal. As part of the New York Yankees, he takes the position of an outfielder and has already managed to get the title of Newcomer of the Year in the American League. Judge was interested in baseball from an early age, and because of this, representatives of the Yankees noticed him at a competition at California State University College. He made his debut in the New York Yankees only in 2016, but has already managed to establish itself. In 2017, already with the title of superstar New York Yankees, Aaron Judge confirmed his reputation as the most powerful Major League Baseball, killing his rivals in Home Run Derby, which took place as part of the All-Match Match weekend in Miami.

In total, the judge eliminated 47 homers in three rounds, defeating Justin Boor in the first round of the first round, Cody Bellinger in the second and Miguel Sano in the final. He also noticed the four longest moments of the night, which flew for 500 feet more, and the longest stroke was 513 feet. The total length of the judge’s home runs was almost four miles. The judge did not pass the first round without problems, when Miami Marlins player Justin Boer scored 22 homers, but the newcomer Yankees managed to repeat his result and then beat another homer in overtime. In the second round, he calmly faced another newcomer, Cody Bellinger, of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and surpassed him by more than a minute. In the finals, he naturally faced the Minnesota batsman, Miguel Sano, with almost two minutes left.

The idol of local fans, Giancarlo Stanton, was knocked out in the first round by another New York Yankees player, Gary Sanchez’s catcher, who defeated Miami’s slugger with a 17:16 score. At the beginning, the fans did not want to take him seriously, but he still managed to win their favor with his impressive performances. Aaron Judge became the first newcomer in the history of Major League Baseball to win a Home Run Derby.

In the history of baseball there really was a huge number of outstanding athletes and, of course, this is not even a small part of the entire list of talented and dedicated players. Nevertheless, some of them brought so many victories and achievement not only in the history of the club New York Yankees, but also in the history of tennis in general, that you cannot be silent about them. Every true baseball fan should know the heroes by sight and should be aware of all the achievements of these great people.